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  • Final Japanese research reactor to convert to LEU 29/09/2022
    Japan's last high-enriched uranium-fuelled research reactor is to be converted to low-enriched uranium fuel under a new agreement between the US Department of Energy National Nuclear Security Administration and Japan’s Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.  
  • MoltexFLEX launches flexibly-operated molten salt reactor 29/09/2022
    Moltex Energy Limited subsidiary MoltexFLEX has launched its FLEX molten salt reactor that, through flexible operation and the use of thermal storage technology, can support intermittent renewable energy through its rapid responsiveness to changes in demand.
  • Nuclear 'gaining traction' as option in many African countries, says IAEA 29/09/2022
    Discussions with ministers from several African countries have been held at the International Atomic Energy Agency General Conference about nuclear power's potential role in helping economic development and water supply while also mitigating climate change as it provides clean and reliable energy.
  • Animals 'likely triggered landmines' at Zaporizhzhia 29/09/2022
    Three landmine explosions close to Ukraine's Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant this week appear likely to have been set off by animals, the director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency Rafael Mariano Grossi has said. Although there was no major damage, it highlights continuing risks faced by the plant and its workers.
  • MHI develops reactor with enhanced safety features 29/09/2022
    Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has launched the SRZ-1200 advanced pressurised water reactor design. Developed in collaboration with four Japanese utilities, the 1200 MWe reactor is designed to meet the country's enhanced regulatory safety standards.
  • EDF to examine extensions for Hartlepool and Heysham 1 28/09/2022
    Energy giant EDF says it will review the case for a "short extension" for the Hartlepool and Heysham 1 nuclear power plants to generate beyond the current forecast of March 2024.
  • Canadian review of eVinci design begins 28/09/2022
    Westinghouse Electric Company has signed a service agreement with the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, initiating a pre-licensing vendor design review of its eVinci microreactor design.
  • Early warning system for natural hazards launched by IAEA 28/09/2022
    The External Events Notification System seeks to alert nuclear installations to natural hazards and disasters such as earthquakes, volcano eruptions and floods. It was unveiled at the International Atomic Energy Agency General Conference.
  • Accord reached on keeping two German reactors in reserve 28/09/2022
    The German government has reached an agreement with the operators of Isar 2 and Neckarwestheim 2 on keeping the nuclear power plants on standby to supply power over the coming winter if needed.
  • RoPower to repower coal plant with small reactors 28/09/2022
    RoPower Nuclear is the name of the company that will develop Romania's first small modular reactor project. The joint venture of Nova Power & Gas and the national nuclear firm Nuclearelectrica, was announced on 27 September with encouragement from the Romanian government.

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  • Pushing the boundaries of chemistry: Properties of heaviest element studied so far measured at GSI/FAIR 15/09/2022
    Researchers have gained new insights into the chemical properties of the superheavy element flerovium -- element 114 -- at the accelerator facilities of the GSI Helmholtzzentrum für Schwerionenforschung in Darmstadt. The measurements show that flerovium is the most volatile metal in the periodic table.
  • Less risk, less costs: Portable spectroscopy devices could soon become real 01/09/2022
    Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) is an analytical tool with a wide range of applications, including the magnetic resonance imaging that is used for diagnostic purposes in medicine. However, NMR often requires powerful magnetic fields to be generated, which limits the scope of its use. Researchers have now discovered potential new ways to reduce the size […]
  • Particles pick pair partners differently in small nuclei 31/08/2022
    The protons and neutrons that build the nucleus of the atom frequently pair up. Now, a new high-precision experiment has found that these particles may pick different partners depending on how packed the nucleus is. The data also reveal new details about short-distance interactions between protons and neutrons in nuclei and may impact results from […]
  • Elemental research: Scientists apply boron to tungsten components in fusion facilities 30/08/2022
    Scientists at have conducted research showing that a powder dropper can successfully drop boron powder into high-temperature plasma within tokamaks that have parts made of a heat-resistant material known as tungsten.
  • The electron slow motion: Ion physics on the femtosecond scale 22/08/2022
    How do different materials react to the impact of ions? This is a question that plays an important role in many areas of research -- for example in nuclear fusion research, when the walls of the fusion reactor are bombarded by high-energy ions. However, it is difficult to understand the temporal sequence of such processes. […]
  • 2D array of electron and nuclear spin qubits opens new frontier in quantum science 15/08/2022
    By using photons and electron spin qubits to control nuclear spins in a two-dimensional material, researchers have opened a new frontier in quantum science and technology, enabling applications like atomic-scale nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, and to read and write quantum information with nuclear spins in 2D materials.
  • Upgrade for magnetic resonance methods with a 1,000-fold amplifier 09/08/2022
    Researchers determine the structure and dynamics of proteins using NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) spectroscopy. Until now, however, much higher concentrations were necessary for in-vitro measurements of the biomolecules in solution than found in our body's cells. An NMR method enhanced by a very powerful amplifier, in combination with molecular dynamics simulation, now enables their detection […]
  • A better way to quantify radiation damage in materials 03/08/2022
    Researchers find much of the damage inside nuclear reactors is so small that it has eluded previous tests. Their new tool provides a way to directly measure this damage, potentially opening a path for the safe operation of nuclear power plants far beyond their present licensed lifetimes.
  • Suspended sediment reduced by rapid revegetation after Fukushima decontamination 03/08/2022
    Researchers have found that soil decontamination efforts following the Fukushima nuclear accident resulted in constant, high levels of suspended river sediment downstream, but a rapid decrease in the amount of particulate radiocesium. Additionally, the rapid recovery of vegetation reduced the duration of unsustainable sediment effects. Future remediation projects should assess the natural restoration ability of […]
  • Listening to the people results in a more sustainable future energy system 29/07/2022
    By taking into account the demographics and preferences of US racial groups, clarified through a nationally representative survey of 3,000 US residents, researchers have created a 'desirable' electricity generation mix for 2050 that includes 50% more energy from renewables than current projections. Combining such bottom-up input with top-down energy system goals set by policymakers could […]

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  • Can energy justice be measured? A new research project aims to do just that 29/09/2022
    The Energy Equity Project offers a national roadmap for how to eliminate disparities in clean energy access. Can energy justice be measured? A new research project aims to do just that is an article from Energy News Network, a nonprofit news service covering the clean energy transition. If you would like to support us please […]
  • Illinois residents in path of CO2 pipeline say company is withholding information 29/09/2022
    Landowners, and officials along the Navigator CO2 pipeline route say the developer is being evasive with their questions. Illinois residents in path of CO2 pipeline say company is withholding information is an article from Energy News Network, a nonprofit news service covering the clean energy transition. If you would like to support us please make […]
  • Advocates want guarantee Dominion’s offshore wind project will live up to its promise 28/09/2022
    The utility says a provision preventing it from protecting consumers from underperformance will kill the projet. Advocates want guarantee Dominion’s offshore wind project will live up to its promise is an article from Energy News Network, a nonprofit news service covering the clean energy transition. If you would like to support us please make a […]
  • Gas station owners, charging companies oppose Xcel Energy’s electric vehicle charging plan 27/09/2022
    A business coalition is objecting to a proposal by Xcel Energy to install hundreds of public charging stations in Minnesota.  Gas station owners, charging companies oppose Xcel Energy’s electric vehicle charging plan is an article from Energy News Network, a nonprofit news service covering the clean energy transition. If you would like to support us […]
  • Massachusetts program allows homeowners to share excess solar power 26/09/2022
    The program encourages homeowners considering solar panels to opt for larger systems than they need, then pass credits for the extra energy along to help offset the electricity bills of residents who aren’t able to install solar themselves. Massachusetts program allows homeowners to share excess solar power is an article from Energy News Network, a […]

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  • All-electric aircraft prototype takes off on its first flight in US 29/09/2022
    According to The Seattle Times, the plane took two wide turns around the airfield, climbing to 3,500 feet. It took off at 7.10 a.m. on Tuesday and was designed to accommodate nine passengers and two pilots.
  • Volkswagen battery IPO could be next, says CFO 29/09/2022
    "We do not rule out an IPO of the battery unit, but the financial flexibility we won today allows us to further strengthen our work in batteries alone. Then we will consider adding strategic partners later on," Antlitz told Reuters.
  • FPT Industrial to take minority stake in Blue Energy Motors 29/09/2022
    The strategic partnership with FPT Industrial will be a significant development for Blue Energy Motors. The company, which launched India’s first LNG- fuelled truck at its recently inaugurated plant in Chakan on September 12, has maintained that EVs will be one of the sustainable solutions towards reducing pollution caused by the commercial vehicle sector.
  • Abu Dhabi power transmission project signs $3.2 bln financing 29/09/2022
    The financing is to build and operate a high-voltage direct current offshore power transmission system linking two offshore production facilities owned by state-controlled oil giant Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) to Abu Dhabi's onshore grid.
  • CERC extends Rs 12 per unit price ceiling in all market segments of power exchanges till December 31 29/09/2022
    CERC said as per the emerging demand-supply situation in the power sector, it is expected that despite the fall in temperature, high demand for electricity particularly from household and industrial consumers is likely to continue over the next few months mainly due to festive season, and pressure emanating from lighting and heating load.
  • Hind Motors EV JV structure to be ready by October 29/09/2022
    Elaborating future plans, he added that the positive takeaway of the company is that it is in the right direction. It is investing resources in the future technology such as electric vehicle. Both financial and technology partners are completing their due diligence by the next month after which the technical evaluation and the structure of […]
  • Tesla adds billionaire Airbnb co-founder Gebbia to board 29/09/2022
    Tesla said in June it planned to have just seven board seats after the departure of Oracle Inc co-founder Larry Ellison in August, sparking criticism from a shareholder body over a lack of independent board members.
  • Peru targets local lithium battery production, official says 29/09/2022
    Peru is the world's No. 2 copper producer and an attractive destination for global miners. It has some lithium deposits in the southern region of Puno which are currently being explored by American Lithium Corp.
  • Schneider Electric India to set up 2nd unit in Telangana at Rs 300 cr investment 29/09/2022
    "The new state-of-the-art smart factory is testament to our commitment towards making Hyderabad a leading manufacturing hub in the country. We will be investing over Rs 300 crore in this project, which will in turn create additional 1,000 jobs," Chaudhary said.
  • Surat will soon be known as 'Electric Vehicle city', says PM 29/09/2022
    While addressing a gathering here, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the city which already has many titles will soon be called 'Electric Vehicle city', given the increasing electric vehicles numbers and public charging stations.

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  • Sizewell 29/09/2022
    Campaigners have slammed claims by developers of the new Sizewell C (SZC) nuclear power station that “nearly two-thirds of people in East Suffolk” were backing the project in a poll. The survey, conducted by polling company ICM, showed that 61% of respondents supported plans for the new power station, while 24% were opposed. The results […]
  • Bradwell 29/09/2022
    BOSSES behind a nuclear power station project in Essex have said feasibility studies are underway despite speculation plans may be scrapped. The Bradwell B nuclear power station is a joint project by CGN and EDF to replace the former Bradwell A nuclear power station, which was decommissioned in 2002. Bradwell Power Generation Company Limited has […]
  • Hinkley 29/09/2022
    Council gives up right to take control of Hinkley Point C if project is delayed. The first reactor will be operational by mid-2027. Somerset Live 28th Sept 2022 read more » Bridgwater Mercury 28th Sept 2022 read more »
  • Hartlepool & Heysham 1 29/09/2022
    EDF will review whether there is a case to keep open the Hartlepool and Heysham 1 nuclear power plants in Britain beyond their current expected closure date in 2024, the company said on Wednesday. EDF said a review would be made in the coming months and that its ambitions is for them to generate power […]
  • New Nuclear 29/09/2022
    The Government is busy ripping up the rule book in order to faciliate dangerous new nuclear build and ever hotter nuclear wastes – the UK’s foremost enviromental thinker – George Monbiot makes no mention of this in his huff and puff against Government- why would he – when he is essentially in lockstep with His […]
  • Nuclear AMRC 29/09/2022
    Seventy jobs are to be created at the Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) Midlands advanced manufacturing centre in Derby, it has been revealed. Construction work on the 46,904 sq ft facility at Infinity Park Derby (IPD) is said to be progressing to plan following a successful pilot scheme at the nearby iHub building. The […]
  • Nuclear Skills 29/09/2022
    AN opportunity to learn from different industries is bringing industry, SMEs and young graduates together in a spirit of collaboration which will be embraced by a new solutions hub. Connor Brown, 22, who is taking part in a two-year graduate scheme with the Ministry of Defence’s Submarine Delivery Agency, has been working on a six-month […]
  • Nuclear Waste 29/09/2022
    Here we go again with the banner headlines about fracking campaigners returning to the barricades regarding the potential resurgence of fracking – all the while the nuclear juggernaut bears down on multiple fronts with not a raised eyebrow in the media (gosh its not really happening then!) – here is a letter to the Lancashire […]
  • Net Zero Review 29/09/2022
    CCC chief Chris Stark: Government’s net zero review is ‘nothing to be afraid of’. Climate Change Committee CEO argues Chris Skidmore-led review offers prime opportunity to boost the case for net zero as solution to cost of living crisis. The government’s decision to review the UK’s 2050 net zero goal is “nothing to be afraid […]
  • Labour Policy 29/09/2022
    Labour is right: it’s time for Britain to profit from its own renewables. The proposals would ensure the power of our wind and waves is harnessed for everyone – not just foreign governments and multinationals. ow can Britain achieve 100% clean energy by 2030? Yesterday, Keir Starmer set out an answer: a new publicly owned […]

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