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  • Darlington ready to produce medical radioisotope 02/02/2023
    Ontario Power Generation's nuclear power plant is set to become the first commercial power reactor in the world to produce molybdenum-99 after Laurentis Energy Partners and BWXT Medical Ltd completed the installation and initial commissioning of an innovative isotope system.
  • ČEZ increases investment in Dukovany, 16-month fuel cycles 02/02/2023
    Czech utility ČEZ says it will invest more than CZK2.3 billion (USD105 million) at the Dukovany nuclear power plant, mainly aimed at ensuring "safe and reliable operation until at least 2047". All four units are also switching to 16-month fuel cycles.
  • Polish universities launching courses ahead of rapid nuclear expansion 02/02/2023
    Six Polish universities, energy firm PKN Orlen and the Ministry of Education have signed a letter of intent for the roll-out of new nuclear energy-related courses to begin in the coming academic year. It comes with the country having plans for at least six reactors, plus "several dozen" small modular reactors.
  • French regulator supports safety options for EPR1200 02/02/2023
    France's nuclear safety regulator, the Autorité de Sûreté Nucléaire, at the request of the government, has issued an opinion on the safety options file for EDF's EPR1200 pressurised water reactor design. It said its opinion on the safety options for the design - intended for export - is broadly similar to that it gave in […]
  • Lucas Heights redevelopment project gets under way 01/02/2023
    The Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation has begun a project at its Lucas Heights facility near Sydney to remove general solid waste, building waste, and some mineral sands used in rare earth metals research, to make way for future site redevelopment.
  • Xudapu 4 containment starts to take shape 01/02/2023
    The initial steel lining module of the inner containment has been installed at unit 4 of the Xudapu nuclear power plant in China's Liaoning province, China National Nuclear Corporation announced.
  • MoltexFLEX wins grant for graphite research 01/02/2023
    Moltex Energy Limited subsidiary MoltexFLEX has received a research grant to work with researchers at the University of Manchester to investigate how its FLEX reactor's molten coolant salt interacts with graphite, enabling detailed characterisation work to be undertaken.
  • Mochovce 3 supplies first electricity to grid 01/02/2023
    Slovenské elektrárne says that after successful start-up tests, and the launch of steam turbines over the weekend, the new unit 3 at the Mochovce nuclear power plant was connected to the grid for the first time at 20% of its nominal power at 10.57pm on 31 January.
  • Podcast: GE Hitachi's Jay Wileman, and the need for regulatory harmonisation 01/02/2023
    What can be done to improve the process of getting approval for one reactor design in different countries? President and CEO of GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy, Jay Wileman, explains the issues and the efforts being made to improve things.
  • MoU sees X-energy, Alberta grow their SMR relationship 31/01/2023
    X-Energy Canada and Invest Alberta Corporation have signed a memorandum of understanding to develop economic opportunities supporting the potential deployment of the Xe-100 small modular reactor within the province.

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  • Amplified search for new forces 01/02/2023
    In the search for new forces and interactions beyond the Standard Model, an international team of researchers has now taken a good step forward. The researchers are using an amplification technique based on nuclear magnetic resonance. They use their experimental setup to study a particular exotic interaction between spins: a parity-violating interaction mediated by a […]
  • 'Ghostly' neutrinos provide new path to study protons 01/02/2023
    Scientists have discovered a new way to investigate the structure of protons using neutrinos, known as 'ghost particles.'
  • Color images from the shadow of a sample 24/01/2023
    A research team has developed a new method to produce X-ray images in color. In the past, the only way to determine the chemical composition of a sample and the position of its components using X-ray fluorescence analysis was to focus the X-rays and scan the whole sample. This is time-consuming and expensive. Scientists have […]
  • Researchers gain deeper understanding of mechanism behind superconductors 17/01/2023
    Physicists have once again gained a deeper understanding of the mechanism behind superconductors. This brings researchers one step closer to their goal of developing the foundations for a theory for superconductors that would allow current to flow without resistance and without energy loss. The researchers found that in superconducting copper-oxygen bonds, called cuprates, there must […]
  • Mitigating corrosion by liquid tin could lead to better cooling in fusion reactors 15/12/2022
    Researchers have clarified the chemical compatibility between high temperature liquid metal tin (Sn) and reduced activation ferritic martensitic, a candidate structural material for fusion reactors. This discovery has paved the way for the development of a liquid metal tin divertor, which is an advanced heat-removal component of fusion reactors. A device called a divertor is […]
  • National Ignition Facility achieves fusion ignition 13/12/2022
    The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and DOE's National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) has announced the achievement of fusion ignition at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) -- a major scientific breakthrough decades in the making. On Dec. 5, a team at LLNL's National Ignition Facility (NIF) conducted the first controlled fusion experiment in history to […]
  • Quantum algorithm of the direct calculation of energy derivatives developed for molecular geometry optimization 29/11/2022
    Researchers have successfully extended the quantum phase difference estimation algorithm, a general quantum algorithm for the direct calculations of energy gaps, to enable the direct calculation of energy differences between two different molecular geometries. This allows for the computation, based on the finite difference method, of energy derivatives with respect to nuclear coordinates in a […]
  • Small modular reactor waste analysis report 21/11/2022
    Small modular nuclear reactors, which offer greater flexibility and lower upfront cost than large nuclear reactors, have both some advantages and disadvantages when it comes to nuclear waste generation.
  • How does radiation travel through dense plasma? 17/11/2022
    Researchers provide experimental data about how radiation travels through dense plasmas. Their data will improve plasma models, which allow scientists to better understand the evolution of stars and may aid in the realization of controlled nuclear fusion as an alternative energy source.
  • How long can exotic nuclei survive at the edge of stability? 15/11/2022
    A new study has measured how long it takes for several kinds of exotic nuclei to decay. The paper marks the first experimental result from the Facility for Rare Isotope Beams. It is just a small taste of what's to come at the facility, which will become 400 times more powerful over the coming years. […]

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  • Commentary: Battery-equipped appliances could make resilience ubiquitous 02/02/2023
    "Stealth storage" can build resilience in the communities that need it most, writes guest commentator Shelley Robbins. Commentary: Battery-equipped appliances could make resilience ubiquitous is an article from Energy News Network, a nonprofit news service covering the clean energy transition. If you would like to support us please make a donation.
  • Bronx residents got rid of their gas stoves. Their air quality markedly improved. 01/02/2023
    In a pilot program at the New York City Housing Authority, households with induction stoves showed a 35% decrease in nitrogen dioxide and a nearly 43% difference in carbon monoxide. Bronx residents got rid of their gas stoves. Their air quality markedly improved. is an article from Energy News Network, a nonprofit news service covering […]
  • Tourism boosters worry lack of public EV charging could hurt New Hampshire 01/02/2023
    A bill in the state Senate would address barriers to installing charging stations, as tourism groups warn the state faces stiff competition from Maine and Vermont. Tourism boosters worry lack of public EV charging could hurt New Hampshire is an article from Energy News Network, a nonprofit news service covering the clean energy transition. If […]
  • In Maine, coalition works to make sure organized labor has role in offshore wind 01/02/2023
    A group of environmental and labor organizations want a state offshore wind advisory committee in its final plan to include more specific language recommending project labor and labor peace agreements. In Maine, coalition works to make sure organized labor has role in offshore wind is an article from Energy News Network, a nonprofit news service […]
  • Advocates, Dominion clash again over utility reform legislation in Virginia 30/01/2023
    Competing bills could help determine how much customers pay for Dominion Energy’s clean energy transition. Advocates, Dominion clash again over utility reform legislation in Virginia is an article from Energy News Network, a nonprofit news service covering the clean energy transition. If you would like to support us please make a donation.

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  • Historic $800 Million For More Than 500 Projects To Improve Lethal Roads & Tackle Traffic Fatalities 02/02/2023
    Bipartisan Infrastructure Law funding targets high-crash sites in cities and counties; also supports the U.S. Department of Transportation’s comprehensive strategy to reduce roadway deaths, a crisis claiming more than 40,000 lives each year
  • Electric Aviation Is Arriving, & Cybersecurity Is High Priority 02/02/2023
    Industry Will Face Challenge of Networked Infrastructure Among Many Entities
  • Yes, There Will Be Enough Biofuels; No, They Won’t Impact Food Supplies 02/02/2023
    Biofuels are fit for purpose, and we have a lot more resources for them than the requirements. Arguments against them are mostly specious, biased, or based on very stale data.
  • A Cold December For EVs In Italy — Amidst Car Market Rebound 02/02/2023
    Originally published on opportunity:energy. Italy’s EV market ended a weak 2022 with a December in line with the unimpressive figures posted in previous months. While the overall car market showed good signs of recovery, plugins yet again stalled in what is a reverse trend not followed by any other major European nation. Official statistics from […]
  • Tesla May Be Finalizing Plans For Indonesia Plant 02/02/2023
    A major part of Tesla’s long-term plans includes expanding production to several different countries beyond its headquarters in the U.S. A new report suggests that Tesla could be getting serious about building another Gigafactory in Asia, in a country that’s already set to become one of the automaker’s key suppliers. Tesla is getting close to […]
  • Sweden’s Plugin Growth Catches Its Breath After Recent Pull-Forward 02/02/2023
    Sweden’s plugin electric vehicle share in January was 52.4%, flat from 52.9% year on year. The temporary pause in growth comes after a pull-forward in December. Overall auto volume in January was 35,476 units, some 27% down from January 2022. The best selling full electric was the Volvo XC40. January’s combined plugin share of 52.4% […]
  • Volkswagen ID.5 Introduction 02/02/2023
    I am among the simple minds that think the ID.5 should have been called the ID.4 sportback or ID.4 coupe. I think that is much clearer to the public. A higher number signals a bigger car. The ID.5 should have been the number for the ID.# successor to the VW Passat. Specs at EV-Database.org: Battery: […]
  • Australian Mining News — Not Just Lithium, But Rare Earths! 02/02/2023
    Andrew Forrest is a leader in the move away from fossil fuels. He established Fortescue Future Industries (FFFI) to capitalise on and accelerate the transition to a green global economy. Recently, while announcing Fortescue Metals Group’s “best-ever” half-year result he said: “We have … a very rare insight, I think, for a mining company, into […]
  • The Straight Skinny On Gas Stoves & Indoor Pollution 02/02/2023
    Researchers in the Bronx have measured the level of NO2 pollution from gas stoves. The result should boost sales of induction stoves.
  • Best E-Bikes 2023 Preview: The Jackrabbit 01/02/2023
    A great little machine that defies categorization.

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  • Sizewell 02/02/2023
    The proposed Sizewell C nuclear power station could face funding challenges after reports that two of the country’s largest pension funds will not back the project. New Civil Engineer 1st Feb 2023 read more » It’s fair to say that Sizewell C has divided opinion ever since proposals for the site were put forward in November 2012. […]
  • Nuclear Waste 02/02/2023
    Building a geologically safe nuclear waste site deep underground along with the Government’s planned creation of small modular nuclear reactors across the UK could mean thousands of new jobs over the next 25 years whilst ensuring the UK’s future energy needs. That’s according to Corhyn Parr, the woman responsible for the UK’s nuclear waste disposal […]
  • Climate Policy 02/02/2023
    A lack of leadership is preventing essential investment to prepare the UK for climate change. As last year’s heatwave demonstrated, the UK already faces significant challenges from the changing climate; these will intensify as warming continues. Government has been too slow to react. In common with Net Zero, a major programme of investment is required […]
  • Reactors in Space 02/02/2023
    Rolls-Royce unveils early-stage design for space nuclear reactor. A new image shows a possible version of future space propulsion. Nuclear fission systems, which harness the energy released in the splitting of atoms, could be used to power astronaut bases on the moon or Mars. Or they could help shorten the travel time to the Red […]
  • Nuclear Skills 02/02/2023
    Rolls-Royce Submarines Ltd celebrated the launch of its new Nuclear Skills Academy at an event in the House of Lords. More than 150 representatives from the Houses of Commons, House of Lords and across industry attended to hear how the British engineering firm is investing in the nuclear experts of the future. The Nuclear Skills […]
  • Plant Life Extensions 02/02/2023
    An increasing number of aging nuclear power plants are being cleared for long-term operations (LTOs) and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) say solving obsolescence will be key to keeping the fleet operating. US regulators look to license renewals to keep fleet active. Operators must be able to swap out old parts for new to keep a […]
  • Advanced Reactors 02/02/2023
    It is essential to strengthen and expand supply chains for the coming deployment of advanced nuclear reactors and for lifetime extensions, say those in the industry. In 2022, post-pandemic inflation, soaring gas prices after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and ongoing push for lower carbon emissions has helped nuclear power stage something of a comeback in […]
  • Octopus 02/02/2023
    UK’s Octopus Energy Posts £161 Million Loss on Wholesale Costs. Supplier says it absorbed higher costs instead of passing on ‘We could have made a profit, but now’s not the time’: CEO. British energy retailer Octopus Energy Ltd. posted a £161 million ($198 million) loss for last fiscal year because it absorbed costs that could […]
  • British Gas 02/02/2023
    British Gas routinely sends debt collectors to break into customers’ homes and force-fit pay-as-you-go meters, even when they are known to have extreme vulnerabilities, a Times investigation can reveal. An undercover reporter worked for Arvato, a company used by British Gas to pursue debts, amid rocketing energy prices and more customers falling behind with their […]
  • National Gas 02/02/2023
    The launch of National Gas means the UK’s gas network is now separate from the National Grid, nothing changes in terms of pricing or the delivery of gas but could it herald gas becoming an enabler of net zero? According to National Gas CEO Jon Butterworth, gas has more than a place as a future […]

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